ico-deskProviding superior care for your  WordPress website

We work to keep your WordPress sites up-to-date, secure and online, as well as providing content updates, WordPress training and consulting.
Regular care and maintenance are paramount in protecting the
investment you’ve made in a WordPress website.


Just as with your personal health, prevention and regular checkups can prevent costly repairs. Our packages can ensure the health of your site with pricing that is tailored to your business needs.

The Care Plan

A healthy website is secure, archived, and regularly updated. Our Care Plan provides the following services on a monthly basis:


WordPress updates can affect the efficiency, security and functionality of your site. It is critical that these updates are made regularly so that they don’t accumulate. All House Calls’ packages include making all updates and ensuring everything is working properly.


Frequent backups help protect your site from outages and data loss. We will set up automatic regular backups for your site, or consult on site hosting plans that include backup services. Should any serious incident occur, your site can simply be restored to its previous healthy state.


Safeguard your business with our security plan to prevent malware and viruses that could damage the performance and integrity of your website. Regular scanning and security protection is the essential prescription to ensure your site stays healthy.


We use up-time monitoring to alert our team of any outages or downtime. This allows us to investigate and provide timely solutions.  We provide site performance stats that will help evaluate trends and provide solutions that will prevent downtime for your website.


Our services are tailored to businesses that need regular updates, upgrades, and training for their WordPress site over the long term.

Content & Design

Search engines and audiences reward websites with frequently updated content. If you’ve got big ideas that require more skill than you have or time than your schedule allows, let House Calls take care of these as part of your care plan. Convert your audience to engaged customers by improving user experience.

Plugins & Features

The best websites integrate the latest software, services and technologies that benefit the business. Our skilled developers can help seamlessly integrate these technologies. Let us help you create a plan for enhancing the functions of your website and ensure that it performs perfectly on every device.

Training & Consulting

An empowered website owner knows how to update their site and can confidently make decisions about it’s future.    Use your maintenance hours to train you or your staff on your site’s features or consult with us on how to improve your site’s search ranking, better utilize social media, and leverage the latest technologies to improve your website and your business.


House Calls brings years of experience with hundreds of WordPress sites. CooperHouse has been providing site development and design services since 2006. We pride ourselves on our WordPress expertise, sound advice, and ability to diligently seek the best solutions.

Rollover Hours

Most House Calls packages include several service hours that can rollover for the following month. For example, if your care plan requires less than 5 hours for this month, the remaining hours can rollover to next month giving you additional hours to make some updates without adding to your monthly costs.

Custom Plans

We have a variety of plans to fit the needs of most businesses. If you don’t see a plan that fits your needs, get in touch to discuss a Service Level Agreement that meets the specific requirements of your business.

Choose your Care Plan

The hours included in your plan can be used for any of the services we provide.

  • Silver
  • $150monthly
  • The Care Plan
    1 hour of Priority Service
    No Rollover
    $125 hourly rate
  • Gold
  • $450monthly
  • The Care Plan
    5 hours of Priority Service
    No Rollover
    $90 hourly rate
  • Platinum
  • $750monthly
  • The Care Plan
    10 hours of Priority Service
    1 Month Rollover
    $75 hourly rate
  • Custom
  • $1000+monthly
  • The Care Plan
    Over 15 hours of Priority Service
    1 Month Rollover
    Custom Service Level Agreement
    hourly rate < $75

Let’s Get Started!

  • Select your Care Plan. You will not be billed at this time.
  • List the regular services needed. (E.G. portfolio or product updates, promotions, gradual site upgrades)